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It’s Been a Long Summer, Let’s Talk About Fall Car Care

It’s been a long summer for everyone and we admit, we are a little excited for cooler temperatures for just a short time - is your car ready, too? Here are some key things to prepare for as the sun goes down earlier and the temperatures begin to drop.

Rotating Tires
The best way to preserve tires is through regular maintenance, including regular tire rotations, usually recommended every 5,000 miles. This helps ensure your tires wear evenly, leaving you less likely to experience a tire blowout.

Inspecting the Brakes
One of the fundamental elements of driving safely during the fall months is having a brake system that operates at peak performance. After all, with the increased chance of rain, sleet or snow, having the stopping power to avoid potential accidents is a must.

Changing the Oil & Filter
Getting an oil change and checking the oil filter is arguably one of the simplest yet most vital car maintenance services you can do as it helps an engine operate under ideal conditions while fostering longevity.

Checking Fluids
Besides motor oil, your car relies on other fluids to keep things running in good order. That’s why you should allow us to check that your vehicle has the recommended fluid levels for the transmission, power steering, brakes, radiator, and windshield wipers.

Inspecting Lighting
The fall doesn’t just mean cooler temperatures; it also means shorter days. And with fewer daylight hours, having functioning exterior lights is crucial for the safety of everyone on the road.

Checking the Battery
Car batteries don’t last forever (typically three to five years). So, it’s time to test the battery if it’s more than a couple of years old. This is a quick task for a mechanic, and many auto supply stores will check for free.

Testing the Heat
Those chilly fall mornings and cool evenings are no match for your car’s heating system, so long as it works. That’s why you shouldn’t let climate control troubles spoil the season. To check, start the car and crank up the heat. If you’re not toasty and warm after ten minutes, bring your vehicle into us - we will get it running properly again.

Checking the Windshield Wipers
While wiper blades can seem in good working order during the summer, the excess heat could cause them to warp or crack. And come the heavy rain, snow and ice of the season, you could find yourself struggling to see out your windshield.